Why Cannabis Home Delivery Can Be Inconvenient at Times

Why Cannabis Home Delivery Can Be Inconvenient at Times

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These days, it is possible to get just about anything you buy delivered to your home. You can even take home delivery after buying a car online. How cool is that? In most cases, home delivery is pretty convenient. But not in every case. Take cannabis home delivery. It can be rather inconvenient at times.

Cannabis is legal in one form or another in thirty-eight states and the district of Columbia. While home delivery is not available everywhere, it is quickly catching on. Utah became one of the states allowing home delivery in 2021. Their regulations provide a good illustration as to why home delivery can be inconvenient.

Residential Addresses Only

For starters, most jurisdictions dictate that cannabis can only be delivered to residential addresses. That is certainly the case in Utah. If you were to do cannabis home delivery from the Beehive Farmacy in Salt Lake City or Brigham City, delivery would have to be made to your home address. Moreover, that address would have to match the address you have on file with the state.

There are no such restrictions when you order things through Amazon. You can have your Amazon deliveries sent to your home, your neighbor’s home, or an address in another state. Being limited to your home address for cannabis deliveries can be inconvenient when you are traveling.

You Must Be Present

Most jurisdictions that allow cannabis delivery require that the buyer be present. That means you have to be home to accept your Beehive Farmacy delivery. Your spouse cannot accept the delivery for you. Neither can your kids. It must be you.

Chances are that you will have to produce photo ID as well. This is to ensure that someone posing as you doesn’t take delivery of your cannabis. Unfortunately, the requirement for you to personally except delivery means you may have to alter your schedule.

One last thing in this regard: delivery drivers usually cannot leave cannabis packages on front porches or inside garages. The FedEx guy can, which is why standard home delivery of most products is so convenient. With cannabis, you must be there to accept your package.

Delivery Can Take Time

The icing on the cannabis home delivery cake is scheduling. In short, home delivery can take time. The chances of having an order delivered within hours of being placed are pretty slim. You might have a better chance at same day or overnight delivery in heavily saturated states like Colorado or Oklahoma. But in a state like Utah, where both saturation and accessibility are limited, you might have to wait several days to get a delivery.

Having to wait a few days requires being proactive. A medical cannabis patient has to pay attention to their supply in order to make sure they place their next order early enough to get it on time. This can create a sticky problem in terms of possession.

Utah state law limits how much cannabis a user can possess at any given time. So, if a patient orders the maximum amount allowed under the law, and their delivery arrives one day before their current supply runs out, they could technically be in possession of too much. This probably would not be enforced if it were discovered by law enforcement, but you never know.

Home delivery is generally a good thing for the cannabis industry and its customers. But it is not necessarily as convenient as other home delivery options. That probably won’t change at any point in the near future. If you want to use home delivery, you have to make it work as-is.

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