Understanding what CBDA is and how it functions

Understanding what CBDA is and how it functions

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Cannabidiolic acid also known as CBDA is among the numerous extracts of hemp plant. It can be converted to CBD when exposed to high temperatures. Following today’s cannabinoid trends would lead you to CBDA. As such, you might have wondered “What is CBDA?” The responses are filled with interesting facts about cannabinoids like CBDA and more. The various cannabinoids found on hemp plant are known to interact with body receptors to help with both medical and recreational outcomes. On this text, different ways through which CBDA functions will be analyzed to understand why there is increased demand of the product for both medicinal and recreational use.

  1. Regular cannabinoids bind themselves to CB1 or CB2 receptors but this is never the case for CBDA. This compound interacts with endo-cannabinoid system to inhibit production of COX-2 enzyme which is responsible for causing the inflammation sensation after undergoing an injury. It is therefore an ideal anti-inflammatory agent that one can use to fight and reduce pain.
  2. Another study also shown the effect on CBDAA on the production of serotonin hormones in the human body. Serotonin is produced from the nerve cells whose main purpose is to aid in signaling from one cell to the other. Core body functions like sleep, emotions and even digestions are dependent to serotonin being produced in the right amounts. You can therefore count on CBDA to help with insomnia and problems like being moody all the time.
  3. One thing cancer patients complain of more than vomiting is the unending feeling of nausea they experience from time to time. Even though vomiting can be treated with medication, it is not easy to control the nausea feeling which may leave the patient disgusted for the whole day. Serotonin production control can help with controlling of not reducing the nausea effect which is responsible for at least one out of every five patient quitting their chemotherapy sessions.
  4. CBDA is also known for its anticonvulsive properties. Scientists have discovered the drug to have 100 times the affinity for 5-HT receptors than CBD. It is this receptor affinity that helps prevent convulsion attacks and more so help with the fighting of depression which is a common disorder today. They work the same anti-depressant medication only that patients experience fewer to no side effects from using CBD related medication for their treatments.

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