Eyewear is one of the most understated accessories. Having the right pair of glasses, which fit seamlessly on your face can make or break your look. It can be quite a struggle to find the glasses. Just the mere thought of going from one showroom to another to find the right one can be exhausting. To say goodbye to this exhaustion, you should reach out to Optician on Wheels. They will bring premium quality eyewear, right to your doorstep. Following are some of the services that they provide.

Wide Range of Frames

They have a full inventory of frames and lenses. When they come over, they bring with them a selection of around 300 frames that you can choose from. This collection contains frames from some of the biggest designer names like Dior, Tiffany, Rayban, Fendi, Tom Ford and Gucci, to name a few. Name the premium eyewear brand, they will have it. So you can be sure of the quality of the frame being provided to you.


Your eyewear should reflect who you are. They should be as extraordinary as you. Often when we are buying eyewear, we are confused with what will look good on us or which one would be more ideal for the face structure. The experts at Opticians on Wheels are there by your side to help you make this daunting decision. They will help you to find eyewear that will definitely make heads turn.

 Maintenance of the glasses

Glasses is that one accessory, we can’t do without. We literally need them to see. The usual wear and tear do take a toll on it. They need to be maintained so that they serve you for a long time. There are simple steps that need to be taken. If your glasses have become loose or any other issue has arisen, the opticians on the wheel will look after it.

 Analyzing the Prescription

Buying glasses is never an easy task. There are multitudes of decisions that need to be taken. First is figuring out the type of frame that would be best suited to you. The next step is figuring out the ophthalmic lenses. Each lens has a different intensity level based on the different RX strengths. The opticians will analyze the prescription and help you to get the glasses that are perfectly suited to your needs. They understand that the lenses used in the glasses should be of high quality. So you know they won’t compromise on the same.


A pair of glasses, when fits loosely can create a lot of annoyance. It will start to slip away and not stay on the nose. This will eventually prevent us from using this. When you order glasses from Opticians on Wheels, you can be sure that no such issue will arise. Their experts make sure that the glasses are perfectly fit and not too tight or loose. They have licensed opticians trained in the proper adjustment of glasses, who ensure the same.

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