The Vast Array Of Strange Flavours Of Vape Juice You Can Buy

The Vast Array Of Strange Flavours Of Vape Juice You Can Buy

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If you have recently been introduced to the world of vaping, you may be amazed and the sheer volume of different flavours you can try. With so much choice available, there is a flavour profile that is perfect for all tastes. However, some flavours are a little more out there that you may not have thought of before. Below you will find some of the strangest vape juice concoctions that may interest you and get you to be a little more creative when purchasing your vape juice.

Roast Chicken

If you love your Sunday roasts and chicken is a favourite of yours, then you may wish to consider trying the roast chicken e-liquid. It is not an overly popular flavour profile for people to vape, but some people love it. The overall taste of the vape juice is similar to the taste of roast chicken crisps and burnt chicken skin, and it is the type of flavour you either love or hate. However, if you do like it, you do not need to go to the trouble of cooking roast chicken when you get a craving for it, and all you need to do is vape your roast chicken instead.


Garlic is a popular flavour in different cuisines worldwide, and if you love the taste of this vegetable, you may be pleased to know you can get your e-liquid in this flavour. Garlic vape juice is potent with its smell, and you can get a hit off it just from opening the bottle. When you vape the liquid, it is an intense taste, not for the faint of heart. However, this overpowering e-liquid may not be a suitable choice when going out on a date, and you may wish to choose something a little more subtle.


Yes, that is right, you can also get your vape juice in bacon flavour, a popular flavour with many people worldwide, although not as many people vape it as eating it. However, if you are a lover of bacon, you may not be too impressed with this flavour profile, as it has the taste of burnt bacon, and many who try it do not order it again. If you are looking for a novelty flavour of vape juice, you may wish to give it a try, but it is unlikely it will turn out to be your new favourite e-liquid.


If you are a seafood lover, you may be interested in the tuna e-liquid that you can buy, although it is not a popular profile with many vapers. There is no overpowering fishy smell when opening the bottle, as you may expect, and vaping this concoction is also not as bad as you might think. If you like the taste of fish, it has a subtle taste, and although it does taste fishy, it is hard to distinguish that it is tuna.

There is a world of different flavour profiles when it comes to vaping, and you do not have to stick to the regular flavours available if you do not want to. Whatever is your preferred taste, even garlic, it is still much healthier for you than smoking, although it may have people steering clear of you because of the smell.

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