The Subtle Power of Aromatherapy Salts in the Hot Tub

The Subtle Power of Aromatherapy Salts in the Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are an incredible place to relax and unwind. But did you know that you can enhance the experience by adding aromatherapy salts? They’re not just there to make your hot tub smell nice; these salts affect your body and mind. Read on to learn more about the benefits of adding aromatherapy salts to your hot tub.

1.   It Helps Captivate Your Senses

Not only do hot tubs help you relax after a long day at work, but they also provide a gorgeous view and can be pretty therapeutic. Adding essential oils to your water is an incredible way to take your hot tub from ordinary to extraordinary. The gentle aroma captivates your senses and makes even those days when you don’t feel well feel like a luxury. Whether it’s lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus, aromatherapy salts help to relax your body and mind while easing tension and stress.

So if you have trouble unwinding after a long day at work or school, try adding some aromatherapy salts to your next soak—you may find that it helps you get back on track more quickly than usual! They are ideal for a Natural hot tub and spa water treatment because they are safe to use with all types of spas and hot tubs, including saltwater spas. Plus, they won’t leave any sticky mess behind, either!

2.   It Helps Soothe Dry Skin

The dry air and chemicals that sanitize a hot tub can cause dry, itchy skin. Adding aromatherapy salts is a great way to add moisture to your hot tub and moisturize your skin as you soak. It’s also good for your hair, which often dries out while swimming. Adding refresh aromatherapy salts to your hot tub water will leave you feeling clean and fresh after every dip.

Salts can exfoliate your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed when you exit your hot tub. And, if you have sensitive skin, adding aromatherapy salts may help reduce any redness or irritation due to chlorine or other chemicals found in most pools and spas. Your skin will thank you!

3.   Can Help Reduce Aches and Pains

The magnesium found in Epsom salts helps alleviate aches and pains. When they enter your body, they work by drawing excess water from your muscles, which helps ease muscle stiffness. Soaking for 20 minutes a few times a week can help reduce aches and pains caused by exercise or tension. You’ll be able to move more freely after a soak, too!

Soaking in a hot tub treated with wellness aromatherapy salts containing a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils helps relieve headaches, fatigue, and sore muscles. The combination produces a medicinal effect that helps clear sinuses and open breathing passages, so you’ll breathe better when you get out. It also helps soothe sore throats and coughs due to colds or allergies.

4.   Promotes Quality Sleep

A hot tub’s warmth, soothing water, and relaxing environment are ideal for helping you fall asleep—and stay asleep. However, adding an adequate quantity of your favorite aromatherapy salts to your bath will create an extra-relaxing experience that encourages more profound sleep. To soothe away stress, try adding lavender oil to your tub.

The popular scented oil can ease tension and promote relaxation. If you’re looking for something refreshing, try adding aromatherapy salts containing eucalyptus oil to your tub. Eucalyptus is one of nature’s best decongestants, which can help relieve stuffiness caused by colds or allergies.

5.   It Helps Relax and Set the Mood for a Great Night

Using aromatherapy salts to relax is a great way to help yourself unwind and forget your worries, helping you feel rejuvenated when you get out of your hot tub. If you’ve been trying to set a romantic tone with that special someone for some time, try adding a few drops of essential oil with a fruity, rich aroma, such as the ylang-ylang aromatherapy salts.

You will feel sensual as the fragrance fills and arouses your senses. These luxurious sea salts with rich fruit aromas are enticing, spicy, and warm enough to help create an atmosphere of passion and romance by enhancing your mood for lovemaking.


A hot tub is a place for relaxation and stress relief, but sometimes it’s not just what you’re getting into that makes you feel good. Knowing how to set up your water correctly, including adding natural aromatherapy salts, can make all the difference. So before your next soak, incorporate aromatherapy salts from a reliable store into your hot tub. You may be surprised at how much of a difference they can make. They will smooth your emotions, soothe your skin, relax your muscles, and have a memorable experience when you soak in a hot tub treated with quality aromatherapy salts.

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