Proactive Men’s Medical Center in Cincinnati

Proactive Men’s Medical Center in Cincinnati

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Suffering from ED? Proactive Men’s Medical Center in Cincinnati, OH can help you. Our men’s sexual performance clinic understands how important normal sexual function is to you and to your partner.

An erection is simply a hardening of your penis, which usually occurs when spongy tissue within the penis fills with blood. Typically, an erection only causes the penile penis to stand upright and enlarge slightly. Erections will generally go away shortly after ejaculation or the involuntary release of semen via the urethra, although sometimes the larger, longer-lasting erections last longer. Erections are often a precursor to sexual intercourse, but they’re not necessary. Some men have only one or two erections in a lifetime.

In some cases, a man may have erections without having sexual arousal. Such a man is said to have “spontaneous erections.” These types of erections occur when you’re actually awake and your body releases natural hormones. The “morning wood” phenomenon is one example of spontaneous erections. You could have had one in the middle of the night and yet had no desire to have sex the next morning.

Learn how to take control of your sexual health today with medical experts ready to support your unique needs.

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Proactive Men’s Medical Center
4350 Glendale Milford Rd Suite 240 Cincinnati, OH 45242
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

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