Hassle-Free Ways to Remove Pubic Hair?


The British actress, Sienna Miller avidly removes pubic hair. Hence, to display a heavy bush in the film “Hippie, Hippie, Shake”, she had to digitally enhance her pubic hair. That was hassle-free for her!

Unless you face such demands, you’d rather want hassle-free ways for at-home pubic hair removal to be comfortable down there. So, here’s a look.

Glide an Electric Hair Trimmer

Consider buying a sensitive touch electric trimmer for hair removal in the bikini area.

You can easily shave/shape the bikini line hair at home with the trimmer because:

  • Touching your skin gently, you can simply glide the trimmer against the hair growth direction. So, you get quick and gentle hair removal!
  • Precision comes easy with the provided changeable trimming heads.
  • Trimming at uniform hair length is easy with the provided comb.
  • The cutting blades never touch the skin unlike in a razor. This makes depilating sensitive areas like the private parts highly safe. So, you expose hair-free smooth skin (instead of nicks and cuts) on the beach.

Apply and Pull Wax Strips

Yes, it’s that easy to use cold wax strips. Apply them along the hair growth direction, wait a bit and then pull the opposite way.

These ready-to-use strips are hassle-free because:

  • They don’t burn your skin nor are messy, unlike hot wax. So, the sensitive pubic area will thank them.
  • You can use wax strips for instant bikini area hair removal at home. Then you need not wait at the salon nor uncomfortably display your private parts to the attendant for waxing.
  • If money is a hassle, pocket-friendly wax strips can replace costly sessions of the Brazilian wax.
  • You can easily cut the strips into desired lengths to precisely depilate the narrow bikini line.
  • Each strip can be used up to 3-4 times!
  • Since wax strips uproot unwanted hair including 1.5mm short stubborn pubic hair, the bikini line stays silky smooth for up to 4 weeks. So, you need not deal with a prickly stubble of ingrown hair down there and wear that swimsuit comfortably. Plus with regular use of wax strips, hair grows back fewer and finer.
  • Wax strips also exfoliate your skin and don’t let dead skin cells interfere with depilation.

The best wax strips come with these added benefits:

  • The fragrance of lotus flowers or berries to mask body odour!
  • Shea Butter to nourish normal skin, Vitamin E and almond oil to pamper sensitive skin, and Aloe Vera to hydrate dry skin.

Use a Hair Removal Cream

A body hair removal cream is easy to use at home as:

  • You can just glide the spatula along the hair growth direction after applying the cream the opposite way. Quick long-lasting depilation is done! Plus, the spatula is naturally gentle on private parts.
  • The cream helps remove hair close to the roots so that they don’t prick!

The best hair removal creams offer these extra benefits:

  • The fragrance of jasmine or lily to mask odour!
  • Formulations of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and almond oil to moisturize dry, sensitive, and normal skin types.

Choose the hair removal method that suits you the most!

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